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Eczema solution with acupuncture

Eczema is a common skin disease characterized by inflammation, itching, and oozing vesicular lesions that become scaly, crushed or hardened. The condition usually occurs symmetrically on both sides of the body and is recurring.


Internal factors:

  • Heredity
  • Predisposition for eczema
  • Functional disorders of the secretion glands
  • Digestive system disorders (stomach problems, intestine problems, constipation, diarrhea)
  • Nervous system issues
  • Metabolism problems
  • Stress, exhaustion
  • Varicose veins
  • Excessive sweating
  • Skin dryness


External factors:

  • Chemical imbalance caused by prescription medication
  • Cosmetics such as perfume and make-up
  • Certain spices and condiments
  • Detergents
  • Animal toxins
  • Certain foods such as eggs, seafood, and milk
  • Airborne irritants such as pollen and dust
  • Bacterial and viral infections
  • Sun and wind exposure
  • Cold temperatures
  • Scratching


Eczema is an allergic or auto-immune reaction to any one or combination of the internal and external factors affecting the body. There are many different kinds of eczema, some with unknown causes.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that itchy skin is caused by “wind evil.” In TCM, itchiness can move across different places on the body, like the movement of the wind. Inflammation and oozing vesicular lesions are caused by “wet evil.” In TCM, a negative kind of wetness causes effusion from eczema lesions, so we call it wet evil. In this sense, the main causes of eczema are a combination of both wind and wet evil.


Acupuncture: Able to treat internal organs or external skin problems, acupuncture adjusts entire organ systems by maintaining balance through acupuncture channels. Upon inserting the needle into the skin, a reaction causes white blood cells and lymph cells to rush around the needled area. This strengthens local skin repairing functions to rapidly induce healing. Acupuncture is used for both its localized effect and for readjusting the entire body balance to repair the organ system to reduce the symptoms of eczema.


Cupping: Increases blood circulation, releases toxins by putting pressure on the skin directly, and reduces the swelling and redness that are manifestations of eczema.


Diet: Eczema patients should avoid consumption of meat, as animal proteins can cause allergic reactions. Other foods to avoid for this reason include nuts and fried, spicy, and canned foods. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes the above foods belong to “hot” foods and produce “heat evil” and “wet evil,” both of which promote and worsen eczema symptoms. As everybody’s condition is different, each patient will get a recommended individualized diet plan.


Internal Use Herbal medicine:

Depending on the above factors, individual herbal formulas can be prescribed. Patients can choose to drink real herbal tea, herbal pills or herbal powder. While the taste of real herbal tea is not pleasant, it is the most effective treatment.



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