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Low Back Pain Study Shows Acupuncture Works Twice As Well As Conventional Therapy

According to the National Institutes of Health, up to 80 percent of the general population in the United States will suffer from low back pain sometime during their lifetime. Low back pain is the second most frequent reason Americans visit a medical doctor for treatment. It is also, according to a widely publicized study, the most frequent reason that Americans visit a licensed acupuncturist for care.


A German study on chronic low back pain showed that acupuncture works twice as well as standard care (Haake et al 2007). Standard care is defined as using drugs and physical therapy.


This was a double blinded randomized, controlled trial conducted in Germany involving 340 outpatient practices, including 1162 patients aged 18 to 86 years with a history of chronic low back pain for an average of 8 years. Patients underwent ten 30 minute sessions, usually 2 sessions per week, of acupuncture according to principles of traditional Chinese medicine; or conventional therapy, a combination of drugs, physical therapy, and exercise.


The conclusion of the study was that chronic low back pain improved after acupuncture treatment for at least 6 months. The effectiveness of acupuncture was almost twice that of conventional therapy.


Arch Intern Med. 2007;167(17):1892-1898


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Healthy looking skin with facial rejuvenation acupuncture

Acupuncture facial rejuvenation can enhance not only your physical appearance but also your overall health, giving you a glow that radiates from deep within. It has centuries-old records of it being used in the service of beauty. What’s more, acupuncture’s ability to improve a variety of skin conditions has now been documented in legitimate clinical studies.

When the face is needled, blood flow and qi carries nutrients to the cells, the body interprets the insertion of the needles as a “positive” injury (microtrauma), which, in turn, through “stimulation of fibroblasts, can increase collagen output.”
Acupuncture facial rejuvenation entails no incisions, sutures or acid peels and it will not produce sudden, drastic changes in underlying structures. Remember, it took decades of stress, sun damage and exposure to environmental toxins for your skin to reach a state of crisis, and the damage will not be instantly undone. Acupuncture facial rejuvenation may offer is the reduction or erasure of fine lines and the softening of deeper ones. It is not unusual for patients to report enhanced skin tone, increased energy and eyes that sparkle.
Since facial acupuncture is based on time-tested principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a person’s overall health may also benefit. Acupuncture facial rejuvenation is, after all, a whole-body treatment. In the Traditional Chinese Medicine view, a person’s face is affected selectively by his or her internal organs. Facial features reflect organic strengths, and as internal organs are fortified, one’s face reflects the improvement.
 Acupuncture facial rejuvenation involves inserting ultra-fine needles into and around specific wrinkles, acu-points or muscle points, depending on the technique employed. A course of ten treatments is standard, with periodic follow-up visits as needed. These sessions are labor intensive and will be priced differently than customary acupuncture treatments. If you are a smoker or sun-worshipper, you will need to make a longer commitment in order to achieve results. Depending on the technique used, there is a slight chance of minor temporary bruising.
If your features are tired and your skin is without luster, yet you do not feel the need for cosmetic surgery, then facial acupuncture may be for you.

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Acupuncture Relieves Menopause

ABC News with Diane Sawyer talks about the newest research on acupuncture as a relief for menopausal symptoms. A study of 53 postmenopausal women measured their symptoms on a 5 point scale before and after the treatment. 27 women received real acupuncture 2 times a week for 10 weeks and the rest received placebo acupuncture treatment. Women received real acupuncture experienced a significant decrease in menopausal symptoms compared to those who received placebo treatment. Researchers concluded that acupuncture may act on the hypothalamus and thus stabilizing body temperature.

Source: Acupuncture in Medicine

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