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Acupuncture lows antihistamine use for allergic rhinitis

Did you know that acupuncture can be an extremely beneficial treatment against allergies? We wanted to share with you that acupuncture can be an effective treatment option for patients suffering from seasonal allergies and allergic rhinitis. A study conducted by researchers on Charité, University of Berlin, found that patients receiving acupuncture experienced a significant decrease of allergic rhinitis symptoms and needed less allergy medications than patients that were not receiving acupuncture. The researchers recruited 414 patients for this clinical study that lasted 8 weeks. All patients had seasonal allergic rhinitis for at least two years prior to the study. Participants were randomly assigned to one of two groups, the true acupuncture group or the sham (placebo) acupuncture group. The patients did not know whether they received real or sham acupuncture.

Patients in the acupuncture group used antihistamines, a popular generic allergy drug, 8.92 days on average during the intervention period. Sham acupuncture group patients used antihistamines for an average of 13.41 days. The true acupuncture patients did not increase use of drugs from onset to the peak of pollen season. Patients in the control group increased antihistamine consumption. Researchers also found that seasonal allergic rhinitis symptoms decreased significantly in the acupuncture group compared with the other study group.  Researchers concluded that patients receiving acupuncture had less drug intake and less symptoms than patients in the sham acupuncture control group. Modern research extensively supports the use of acupuncture for the treatment of allergic rhinitis. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of receiving acupuncture, please visit Seattle Naturopathic and Acupuncture Center and give us a call!


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How acupuncture and natural antihistamines alleviate allergies?

A 28-year-old male patient came in with the complaint of chronic abdominal pain and environmental allergies. A recent outbreak of eczema after consuming a burrito was also a concern. His symptoms included a chronic cough, dryness of skin, hot face, rosacea and increased anxiety. Before coming in, he had been taking an over the counter antihistamine to alleviate the symptoms which slightly improved the environmental allergies, but the dull and tight abdominal pain along with constipation and bloating was exacerbated possibly due to the antihistamine. Two major changes were advised to the patient including excluding foods which may be a cause of his food allergy response including garlic, ginger, quinoa, avocado, carrots, dairy and wheat according to his food sensitivity panel. Next was to take a natural antihistamine, not an over the counter, which included nettle in a tea or a capsule form along with vitamin C. During this visit a blood panel was taken which showed increased levels of triglycerides caused by carbohydrates such as pasta, rice and high fat foods. His thyroid function was low and had low levels of vitamin D. To address the low functioning thyroid, it is recommended to increase iodine intake through eating seafood and seaweed.

 In his next appointment, a month later, he showed signs of allergy relief as well as improved digestion, but the abdominal pain lingered. We ordered an imaging ultrasound since the patient has a family history of gallbladder dysfunction, however, the patient showed normal results. Another month later, his allergies had resolved but the stomach pain continued so we started acupuncture monthly which seemed to help with stress and the pain. Fast forwarding 3 months from the original appointment, the patient ate a food item he knew he was intolerable to and the abdominal pain came back. Once we started regular weekly acupuncture on the patient, stress levels decreased, chronic and seasonal allergies subsided and the dryness of skin also went away.

For more information on acupuncture and food allergy testing, visit Seattle Naturopathic and Acupuncture Center or call 206-319-5322

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